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“Who against hope believed in hope”

Categories: Truths

Hope – a word we all cherish. Without it, our lives are miserable and seemingly useless. However, have you ever been without hope? Have you ever felt like all hope was gone? This morning in my devotions I came across a beautiful phrase in Romans: “Who against hope believed in hope” (Romans 4:18). This passage speaks of Abraham who had received the promise of a son from God, yet he and his wife had past their child-bearing years. In spite of the odds, Abraham still had hope. He believed in hope even when all the circumstances seemed hopeless. How could he? Because Abraham had the promise of God. Likewise, you and I can have hope even in the midst of hopeless circumstances because we too have the promises of God (a Bible full of them, in fact).

Yet, Abraham’s hope rested on something deeper than simply the promises of God. The Bible states that Abraham was “fully persuaded that, what God had promised, He was able also to perform.” Abraham had hope because he knew God could keep the promises He had made. We have all had people with good intentions make promises to us yet not have the wherewithal to keep them. However, that has never been the case with God. Every promise God makes He has the ability to keep. God will never promise us something that He can’t deliver. So, be hopeful this week regardless of your circumstances. You have God’s promises,and He has the ability to keep those promises to you. What a great God we serve!